Bar is Open, Gather and Gaswork the Cuntrats

The premiere entry was written for Encuntlopaedia by Mark from E.C. UK Division.

It is the first entry for A for Amoeba, short, sweet and fucking nice.

Because nobody will ever read it, ha ha.

The current works under way are fucking credit to Wintersturm, who
promised the N for Nadine special – but knowing he owes me a tenner
from Euro 2012 bet, it might take him a bit bloody longer than a week.

It has also came to our attention that some cuntrats including the jizzrag cuntrat are disputing the number of the entries that our beautiful
Encuntlopaedia will or will not have. Who the fuck knows?
Surely it is going to be more than 26. Jumbo will have at least fucking 5.

That’s fucking it I guess.

Gaswork the cuntrats!

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