Hypocrisy Alert

He never said anything to me so it’s alright = Hitler never attacked Japs so he’s a sound fella.

I have come across this so many times it virtually stopped being funny.


It borders on par with one torrential piece of hypocrisy that was sent to us via email.

The email came from I’m always right, even when I’m wrong, I don’t remember, so it must have never happened, you’re wrong, I am able to quote on everything, but even though I do not remember seeing anything, my subconscious saw it, I’m right anyway and it basically absolved the abusers of any wrongdoing because……

Whatever happens in the twitterverse is just a joke, unless it is a joke against me

The I’m always right, you’re wrong then continued a tirade of I’ve been in a dark place as one of the abusers, who is not the abuser, because I did not see the abuse, the abuser abused with and other typical whitewashing garbage until
I realised that there is no sense in trying to communicate with someone who is obviously a genre of different species, and a blind one at that.

It does not bother me that social media is filled up
to its stinky brim with such people.

It’s fucking terrifying that they populate the planet though.


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