A for Amoeba

Amoeba /Amoebis Trollis Vulgaris/
A very simple, usually a half-a-braincell online organism.
It serves no purpose other than providing jizzrag for the cesspit of freedom of spit.

Examples of Amoebas

Examples of Amoebas

Amoebas rarely pose any real threat and sometimes appear as eggist accounts.

Should you notice a blag account with a picture of an egg as an avi
or with maximum of 13 followers, impersonating your friend, dad
or as in the case of whoreborn amoeba – impersonating a 10-month old child
or posing as killers of Jamie Bulger to bring more distress to the parents –
it is definitely an amoeba.

You’ve met an amoeba online? Hopefully it died quick.

Entry by Mark S. / E.C. UK Division

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