V for Very Incredable Incompetant

Hah. Pictures work so wonderful to describe this amoebic discharge of overweight jizz market.

Meet Ernest. Face like a serial sex offender. Not saying he is. But with the face like his, you have no chance of a noble career.

Ernest talks about his blag accounts, using one of his blag accounts

Ernest talks about his blag accounts, using one of his blag accounts

Our sources in Montreal have proven Ernest to have created over 70 blag accounts on Twitternazi platform, with sole purpose to spread aids of his abuse on the interwebs.

Then he blames it on his “brother”. Fucking insane? Nah, we wouldn’t like to offend insane people.

Tomorrow, we’ll look into the alleged Ernesto’s fingering fixation. Fun and games!

Ernest seems like a person that wakes up dreaming about fingering, wanders around town looking for food in the bins dreaming about fingering and falls asleep dreaming about it. Fixated? Plain fucking twisted cunt. Especially when he mentions the word ‘fingering’ in connection to other ‘babies’ and his theories. Plain fucking sick.

We have been witnesses to his, let’s put it lightly-politely, fucking twisted behaviour for over 2 years now, and let’s fucking be clear – such ‘people’ like Ernest should be locked away and caressed with electroshock, while the guitar gently weeps.


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