J for Jumbo

Cuntrat /James Haydon/ The most repulsive of all fucking
amoebas. The sleazy blob that puts on the mask to gain trust,
only to use it for his own purpose to deceive.

This very cuntrat appears to campaign for Justice and portrays
himself as a robust owner of a writership – fucking hilarious as
we all know he can’t bloody spell lemon.

I will however present his achievements, as we believe such a cunt
deserves it, and everyone should know what Jizzrag Cuntrat Haydon
really is.

  1. Abusing Justice Official Charities
    Jizzrag Haydon contacted those charities alongside with
    two other saying a certain online group claimed to be
    survivors / members of those. Fraudulent, you fucking cunt.
  2. Blags
    Jizzrag and his amoebic circus of trolls have been accounted
    for over a hundred blag accounts – accounts impersonating
    real people (including a very young child) or companies,
    that were used to attack and abuse others. How very cunt of you.
  3. Threat Campaigns
    Oh, damn. Jizzrag Haydon has been busy with his Armageddon
    campaign. It stopped being nice when he admitted plotting to kill
    someone. Oh yes. We have it on file.
  4. Women
    Jizzrag Haydon is only chivalrous towards those women who
    agree to bask in his manliness. You disagree with him, or try
    and challenge his point of view – he’ll call you a ‘feckin ho’.
    Cause he’s a fucking charmer. It is not a fucking secret that
    he used twitter to approach young girls, dirty fucking slimy bastard.
  5. Hacking
    Our sources in Madagascunt IT have gathered info that he hacked
    accounts of Liverpool supporters at least twice. If you follow
    the user Jizzrag_Haydon7, I would recommend changing your
  6. Videos
    Now, we are not calling James the fucking N word, we only
    call him the Grown Up Man Going to Churches,
    Recording Kids on His Mobile Phone and Posting
    Those Videos Online.
    Then deleting those videos when
    people find out. Now, there’s probably some perfect, snake-eyed
    explanation to all this. I’ll not fucking hold me breath over all this.
  7. A bit of LOL
    70% of Jumbo’s followers on Twatter are blag accounts that he bought.
    Over 7000 that is. Guess if you speak jizzrag all the time, it’s the only
    way to pamper your manliness. 7000! Hahahah.

More on this, as soon as we land. Keep reading UK.

We might even promise to include some pictures in the whole thing next time.
You know, for the mental patients of the jizzrag market.

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